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Wikipedia Sucks is an educational non-profit review and criticism website containing, and linking to, bonafide non-commercial fair use criticism and review of  the "Wikipedia" database(s) accessible over the internet (World.Wide.Web). The operative scheme of this website is to summarise, in an encyclopedic way, reliable sources for 3rd party commentary and news related to Wikimedia activities based on thewikiway's core principle of "Verifiability not Truth". WARNING : This website is not affiliated to other sites incorporating the "Wikipedia" or "Wikimedia" names and does not endorse those entities or their websites.


Our mission is to chronicle the corruption at Wikimedia Foundation projects so as to educate the innocent public at large in India (and only India) about the reams of pornography, disinformation, libels, IPR infringement and undisclosed paid editing that is hosted on the so-called “encyclopedia that anyone can edit.” (but from which defamed article subjects are abusively excluded).

undefinedAbout us: India Against Corruption ("IAC") is a people's organisation affiliated to the Hindustan Republican Association. IAC is exclusively dedicated to its ancient purpose of SWARAJ ie. expelling from Hindustan corrupting foreign colonial rulers, along with their agencies (eg. Wikimedia Inc) and Indian lackeys (eg. Centre for Internet and Security).

undefined Fair use image of a blatant copyright infringement (digital piracy) carried out on 8 August 2014 by a Wikimedia Commons bureaucrat who removed digitally embedded "Copyright Management Information" from award-winning photographer David Slater's "monkey" picture.

While we prepare the content for your favourite Wikipediasucks criticism website (presently under development), we suggest you explore other fine 3rd party WIKPEDIASUCKS online resources to experience the extent of the global WIKIPEDIASUCKS movement.


1) What is Wikipedia ?

A) Now banned Quora user Ron Maimon reviewed it at Wikipedia is a failed project.

It was, from 2001-2006, a great experiment in collaborative writing, but it failed from 2007-2010, closed itself off, and became impossible to edit. This turned it into a totalitarian democracy where you need to tow the line to stay in the organization. Anyone who is politically slightly less than popular, or has a strange idea, is marginalized, ostracized, and finally blocked. It still has good content, almost all from before 2007, which can be freely used in a later fork.

2) Wikipedia is an "encyclopedia" (like the Encyclopedia Britannica) , so how can you criticize it ?

A)  Short answer :(to be populated and expanded) Because ....

  • [Unreliable] articles written by cabals of well entrenched anonymous editors
  • [Unsafe] for children
  • [Pornography] at every [Commons]
  • [Mob rule] administration structure manipulated by [anonymous admins]
  • [Paid editing]
  • [Sock-puppetry]
  • [Defamation] [spam engine] with attendant [extortion] demands
  • [Privacy breaches]
  • [Wikimedia Foundation Inc.]

3) OK, you've convinced me. now where do I sign up to destroy this evil DeathStar

A) Follow the link or follow us on the (official) WIKIPEDIASUCKS TWITTER


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