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Wikipedia - the disinformation engine, MI5 and Slim Virgins

Apr 192016

Wikipedia and the Intelligence Services
Is the Net's popular encyclopedia marred by disinformation?

"According to clues accumulated by ordinary citizens around the world, it could be that the CIA and other intelligence agencies are riding the information wave and planting disinformation on Wikipedia. If so, tens of thousands of innocent and unwitting citizens around the world are translating and propagating their lies, providing these agencies with a universal news network."

Chip Berlet, SlimVirgin, and Wikipedia

By the end of the Twentieth Century, Berlet had become something of a shopworn commodity. Seeking a new audience, he joined Wikipedia.

"It is important to note, however, that Wikipedia has a negative impact on millions of people, beyond just the participants, for the following reason: internet search engines, such as Google, give very high ranking to Wikipedia articles, so the unsuspecting internet searcher may happen upon a Wikipedia article that has been loaded with misinformation by someone who has successfully imposed their agenda on a supposedly "authoritative" encyclopedia article. Someone like, for example, Chip Berlet."

Photo of Slim Virgin of Lamerpedia

This is one of the most obnoxious and evil members of the Wikipedia Cabal, Slim Virgin.

"She lives alone in Canada, eats bean sprouts, never gets laid, and spends all of her time on Wikipedia. She has no life. Her life is Wikipedia. On Wikipedia her story is one of endless corruption and drama and weird, bizarre entanglements, deceits, conspiracies, abuses of power and just general evilness. She is a master of the Net and has more sockpuppets and aliases than you can imagine. The stories of her endless conspiracies are more confusing than a Thomas Pynchon novel."

Wikipedia’s Fundamental Flaw

"Thus, writers who stick up for facts on Wikipedia will often find themselves up against a phalanx of other writers determined to omit them, along with one or more administrators who are equally determined to omit them. Those administrators, who have been granted the ability to search Internet addresses, change articles, and exclude individuals from Wikipedia... Indeed, Wikipedia’s culture encourages blocking of “troublemakers,” holding consensus and “civility” above fact.""


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