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• 1989 :Jimmy Wales initiates the Ayn Rand Philosophy Discussion Email List and serves as moderator.
• 1992-1996: Jimmy Wales runs "Moderated Discussion of Objectivist Philosophy", where Tim Shell and Larry Sanger also participate.
• April 22, 1993: NCSA Mosaic released.
• October 22, 1993: Rick Gates proposes Rick Gates proposes Interpedia[2], "The Internet Encyclopedia" which never leaves the planning stages.
• Computer programmer Ward Cunningham begins work on the software 'WikiWikiWeb' which became the first 'Wiki'. Cunningham later wrote the book Wiki Way describing the process, and remains a member of Wikimedia's Advisory Board.
• March 22nd Larry Sanger, who is an occasional contributor to Wales's Ayn Rand list, writes a 'manifesto' on his own online mailing list (eventually named the Association for Systematic Philosophy). Sanger writes: "The history of philosophy is full of disagreement and confusion. One reaction by philosophers to this state of things is to doubt whether the truth about philosophy can ever be known, or whether there is any such thing as the truth about philosophy. But there is another reaction: one may set out to think more carefully and methodically than one’s intellectual forebears."
• Jimmy Wales employed by Michael Davis at Chicago Options Associates
• May 1996: Brian Dowling files suit against Chicago Options Associates and Michael Davis seeking a portion of COA's profits, plus interest
• November 7, 1996: Jimmy Wales, Tim Shell, and Michael Davis form Bomis, Inc., a Delaware Close Corporation
• November 15, 1996: created. The team are based in Chicago.
• Wales meets Christine at a party
• December – Bomis moves to San Diego - 4455 Lamont St. San Diego, CA 92109 San Diego.
• Software freedom activist and creator of the GNU project Richard Stallman calls for development of a free on-line encyclopedia through the means of inviting the public to contribute articles. He describes this in his essay "The Free Universal Encyclopedia and Learning Resource."
• April 1999: h2g2 founded.
• October 29, 1999: and created.
• Jimmy Wales begins thinking about a “volunteer-built” online encyclopedia to be funded by Bomis.




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